Resources & Services

The ITAB publishes and distributes a range of resourcess in response to identified industry needs. These resources are usually developed during our projects but some have been developed through other government programs.

As well as the publications listed below, the ITAB offers a range of services including:

  • Consultancy/Advisory services for NVR compliance, internal audits, assessment validations and accreditation submissions
  • Meeting attendance/speaking engagements and presentations
  • Regular workshops for RTOs and Assessor Network meetings

Fees for these services vary. For more information please contact the ITAB.


SkillsLink2Work website

NSW Community Services and Health ITAB was the lead agency for the development of SkillsLink2Work working closely with NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services and carers from Candles Cancer Support Group Inc Kanwal NSW, Carers NSW, DAISI (Disability & Aged Information Services INC) Ballina NSW, Interchange Illawarra, Koori Yarning Group Dubbo NSW and Sutherland Shire Carer Support Services Inc.

Carers identified that combining caring and paid work is one of their highest priorities, but that being out of the workforce made it hard to understand how the skills they developed as a carer could be valuable to an employer. SkillsLink2Work allows carers to self-select the tasks they regularly perform and the website then 'translates' their activities into a personalised report of employment related skills.

SkillsLink2Work was launched on April 29th 2016 by the Hon John Ajaka MLC, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Ageing in NSW and Hon Jane Prentice MP, Assistant Minister for Disability Services and is now available on line.

Professional Development Program and Resources

iNotice logoThis free professional development program has been created for use by aged care community work services. iNotice will assist to heighten awareness of a variety of signs and symptoms that may be linked to a person’s medication management in a home environment. It will support existing aged care community workers to work effectively with a heightened awareness of safe medication management within their current scope of practice. It also provides their coordinators with additional knowledge and skills for information sharing with all of the client’s care team (eg nurses, GPs, pharmacists).

The resources have been designed to be used in their entirety to ensure maximum outcomes for aged care community workers, coordinators, service providers and the clients. Familiarise yourself with all components of the program and resources before commencing any professional development activities.

iNotice Facilitator Guide

For an organisation to successfully implement this model for working with a heightened awareness of safe medication management it will be necessary for all stakeholders to participate in professional development. Facilitation of the iNotice Team Workshop and iNotice Coordinator Briefing included in this resource will best be done by an experienced facilitator with sound knowledge of the particular organisation’s policies and procedures.  If not, then someone with that knowledge must be in attendance to clarify any operational issues that may arise.

Aged Care Community Worker Handbook

This handbook accompanies the iNotice Team Workshop. In most instances, the team is composed of aged care community workers, coordinators, service managers and any others in the organisation involved in care provision. Copies of this handbook should be made available to all involved in the iNotice professional development program.

iNotice app ™

iNotice is a free, easy to use app designed for care workers and caregivers working to a care plan supporting a person to stay safely in a home environment. iNotice will assist to heighten awareness of a variety of signs and symptoms that may be linked to a person’s medication management.

All participants in this professional development program will need access to the iNotice app.

iNotice may be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone or iPod touch and from Google Play™ for Android™.

iNotice Team Workshop

The first session, iNotice Team Workshop, is for aged care community workers, coordinators and managers of the service. This session contains information about how the model of working with a heightened level of safe medication management can be used in the aged care community care sector, who is involved, what additional knowledge and skills are needed and how to use the resources for maximum support and enhanced service provision.

This session is designed to be delivered in approximately 2-3 hours. It may be modified and enhanced depending on the learning needs of the participants.

Coordinator Handbook

This handbook includes the additional information about implementing and managing the safe medication management model, briefing activities and reference material. It is designed to accompany the iNotice Coordinator Briefing session. Copies should be made available to all attending this session.

iNotice Coordinator Briefing

The second session, iNotice Coordinator Briefing, as the name suggests, is for the coordinators and includes additional information specific to their job role.

This session is approximately 1-2 hours in length.

Monthly Medication Monitor Table

This table is a key recording and reporting tool that may be used for data collection and evaluation requirements.

VET for Secondary Students - Human Services Pathways

These resources will assist students, parents, schools, employers and training providers to understand VET pathways leading to further education and careers in community services and health sectors and help select appropriate HSC options.

Here's a quick introduction video:

General Information Resources:

Industry Information for Students:

VET and Career Pathways:

Online library of FREE LLN videos

What Works for LLN is funded under the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. This online library includes videos for VET trainers, managers and workplace supervisors. The videos support the delivery of LLN units from the TAE training package and provide professional development opportunities for RTOs.

What Works for LLN... click here.

New Early Childhood Resource Hub

Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham has announced the release of the Early Childhood Resource Hub to support early childhood education and care students. The Hub provides access to over 300 digital resources, videos, forums and e-bulletins, indexed to the National Quality Framework all in one easy place.

For further information and to access the Hub please visit

Free online resources for Dementia care

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) offers a range of eLearning courses for people who work with people living with dementia.

The courses are short, mobile friendly, and cost free to the learner.

Available here.