New portal will capture human services workforce initiatives  

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) has launched a workforce initiatives portal which is designed to collect valuable information and provide an insightful decision-making tool for the sector.

The HSSO developed the portal to make it easier to source and understand the multitude of workforce development and training programs in the sector, as well as information on new pilots which are underway.

HSSO CEO Jodi Schmidt said the Workforce Initiatives Portal was designed to be a national single point of reference on projects, research, and initiatives.

“We are encouraging all stakeholders to submit their workforce development initiatives for inclusion via the ‘Add Project’ feature on the site,” she said.

“This allows additional resources to be added to the collection, subject to a HSSO suitability review process, for sharing learnings and opportunities across the sector”.

Ms Schmidt said she encouraged all sector stakeholders to explore the site and, if relevant, contribute their initiatives to the portal to make the information available as comprehensive as possible.

“Currently, having to navigate the volume of information across all sectors can be complex and time consuming,” she said.

“Additionally, there is the risk of duplication of effort for those organisations and individuals trying to solve workforce issues. The creation of the portal means that we can learn from the past and better plan for the future.”

The Workforce Initiatives Portal is here on the HSSO website.